Motorcycle Traffic Unit

The Motorcycle Traffic Unit is utilized for traffic related incidents and enforcement. This includes proactive enforcement to reduce traffic crashes, traffic crash investigation, and traffic enforcement requests from the community. Along with their daily duties, the Motorcycle Traffic Unit also is engaged with the community and plays a role in community related events. The officers assigned to the Motorcycle Traffic Unit have to complete specialized training in the field of motorcycle operation specifically designed for law enforcement officers. They are also certified in Advanced Rider Training and Tactical Shooting.

Traffic Fatality Team

The Traffic Fatality Team is comprised of 6 officers that respond to traffic related fatalities that occur in the city. These officers have completed extensive specialized training in the field of traffic crashes including Basic Traffic Crash Investigation, Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation, and Traffic Crash Reconstruction. These three classes alone total 240 hours of classroom and interactive field training. They have also trained at the Tennessee Traffic Crash Investigation and Safety Symposium.