Splash Pad

Goodlettsville Parks and Rec is a recipient of a 2016 Local Parks and Recreation Fund grant for the purpose of developing a splash pad and renovating a restroom facility serving the splash pad and Peay Park.

What is the status?

Right now, the designers are getting plans stamped by an engineer.  From there, the Health Department and the grant agency will review and approve the plans.  Once approval is received, the product ships and will be installed which takes about 6 weeks.

Will it be open this summer?

We are hopeful that the splash pad will be open for a summer full of play!  Once installed, staff will have to be trained on the operation.  We want to do everything we can to keep you safe.

What will it look like? 

This picture is a color rendering of what the splash pad will look like. 

Gville Splash Pad