No Knock Registry

Effective May 1, 2019


You can now place your address on the No Knock Registry. If you sign up for this registry, all people going door to door are prohibited from knocking on your door. Once your address is added to the list, it will remain until removed by the occupant upon request. Please allow 48 hours for your address to be added to the registry.

This registry applies to all solicitation, including, without limitation, all activities that are solicitation of newspaper, or magazine subscriptions, or the sale of products or services. 

The registry does not apply to any person going door to door that you personally invite onto your property.

If a solicitor does knock on your door and your address is on the list, please call the City of Goodlettsville’s Police Department Non-Emergency Number at 615-851-5111.

City of Goodlettsville office staff will verify addresses. If your address is outside of the corporate city limits of Goodlettsville, we will be unable to add your address to this registry.

Sign up for the No Knock Registry.

Please double check the registry to make sure you address has not already been submitted.


Application for Peddlers Permit

No Knock Registry 01/11/2024

City of Goodlettsville Municipal Code Title 9, Chapter 2, Section 214 - (4)

(4) PENALTY. Anyone who is found in violation of this chapter shall be subject to a fine of fifty dollars ($50.00) per offense for each and every occurrence, regardless of the time period involved, and shall constitute a separate offense under this chapter.