Fitness on Demand

Delmas Long Community Center offers a virtual fitness experience for all ability levels located inside the center's Fitness Room. This fitness option was installed in 2018 to give users and on-the-go fitness experience at their own time and pace. 


What is Fitness on Demand?

The Fitness On Demand™ digital platform delivers consistent, high quality fitness media and programming through a variety of channels, creating the ideal virtual fitness experience for users. Within this one system is a variety of programming options ranging from 5-60 minutes in length featuring the latest trends in group fitness. Users can immerse themselves in popular studio formats like yoga, cycling/spinning, core, dance, and more. 

Create a custom virtual experience that reflects your fitness needs, including programming from the industry’s most renowned instructors and brands like Jillian Michaels, Les Mills Virtual, Zumba®, SH1FT, Power Music Group Rx, and more.

Who can use Fitness on Demand?

Anyone! Fitness on Demand has a large variety of programs that are available for all ability levels. Users can come in groups or alone. There is a maximum capacity of 15 participants per virtual class allowed. 

When can I use Fitness on Demand?

Fitness on Demand is available during normal business hours at Delmas Long Community Center. Scheduled fitness classes take place during the day, typically on Monday, Thursday, and Friday. Users cannot schedule virtual classes during scheduled class times. Check the Fitness on Demand Calendar for availability by clicking here.  

How do I get started?

Upon arrival at Delmas Long Community Center, you will check in at the front desk. If you are a new member, you will fill out and Exercise Program Waiver and receive a membership card. A staff member will show you to the Fitness Room and explain how to use the Fitness on Demand system. Each time after, you will check in at the front desk using your membership card, and proceed to the Fitness Room. Be sure to check the calendar to before arrival to ensure the room is open and available for use. You may also schedule days and times that you want to use the facility to ensure that it is available for your use.