Memorial & Heritage Bench & Tree Program

The City of Goodlettsville’s Parks and Recreation Department supports the Memorial/Heritage Tree and Bench Program to allow groups and individuals to donate trees and benches to commemorate special events, honor individuals or agencies, or as memorials to loved ones. These tributes are placed on city-owned park land. Trees and benches purchased through the program are planted and/or placed in city parks, trails, and playgrounds. Exact placement is at the discretion of the Parks and Recreation Department.  

Getting Started

All donations within this program must complete a Memorial/Heritage Tree and Bench Order Form and comply with the Memorial/Heritage Tree and Bench Policy. If you are interested in participating in this program, please fill out an order form.  Once your order form is received, the request will be reviewed and you will be contacted via email to begin the process. Please note that turnaround times for this are not rushed.  


Cost of a donated tree within the program is $300 per tree.   This includes the tree and planting, plaque, and continued maintenance of the tree (fertilizer, pruning, mulching, etc.).  Trees ordered will be high-quality 30 gallon, which is 8-12 feet tall, and 2” caliper.   Trees ordered from April 1 through October 15 will be planted in the late fall.  Trees ordered from October 16 through March 31 will be planted in the spring.

  • Donors may choose which park their tree is placed at, but no guarantee will be made as to an exact location of planting.  Placement is determined by the City’s Horticulturist.
  • Payment is due at the time the order with Parks and Recreation is placed.
  • After the tree is planted, the contact person will receive a certificate and map of the planting location for each tree.  
  • Trees that die within 1 year of planting will be replaced by Parks and Recreation with the same size and species of tree and at no charge to the donor.
Type of Trees Available for the Tree Donation Program
Oak – Sawtooth, White, Willow
Tulip Poplar
Magnolia – Grandiflora, Saucer, Southern, X SoulangianaQuercus – Acutissima, Alba, Phellos
SycamoreKousa Dogwood
American HollyRed Maple and Cultivars
Acer RubrumEastern Redbud and Cultivars
Liriodendron TulipiferaPlatanus Occidentalis
Ilex OpacaCornus Kousa
Cercis Canadensis

For each tree donation, a Memorial Tree Plaque or a Heritage Tree Plaque will be placed at the base of the tree.  These plaques will be a standard 4”x4” size and will describe the type of donation, a short inscription, and the type of tree and dedication year.  Parks and Recreation is not responsible for damaged, vandalized, or stolen markers.  These must be replaced at cost by the donor.


The cost of a donated bench within the program is $1,500 per bench. The criteria for the site list are based on bench needs for each park, as well as a determination of the maximum number of benches appropriate for each park.

  • Before completing an application, the donor will contact Sarah Jennings, Parks and Recreation Director, to discuss bench style and placement options.
  • Once the style and placement is determined, donor will submit application and payment.
  • Order time for benches is approximately 6 weeks.
  • Staff will contact donor when the bench is received to discuss installation timeline.
  • A bench will remain on park property until the life span of the bench is met (usually 10-15 years).
  • Benches or plaques that are damaged or stolen will not be replaced by Parks and Recreation.  If a donor wishes to replace the plaque or bench, it will be replaced at cost by the donor.
Bench Styles Approved By Park
Moss-Wright Park6' Steel Bench
Peay Park6' Steel Bench
Pleasant Green Park6' Steel Bench
North Creek Park6' Steel Bench
Brooks Park6' Steel Bench

For each bench donation, a memorial or heritage placard will be placed on the bench.  This will include the type of donation, a short inscription, and the year of donation.


The City of Goodlettsville supports the needs and principles of allowing memorial benches and trees in parks and green space areas, but is also mindful that these facilities have many uses and are enjoyed by a wide range of people.  Therefore, the City desires to manage and regulate memorial and heritage benches and trees for the mutual benefit of all. Download a copy of the policy here

For more information, please email