Sumner County Permit Requirements

What To Do

  1. If your project is located within Sumner County, you will first obtain a building permit from the City of Goodlettsville Building and Codes Department. This Department will be responsible for the following inspections on your projects:
    1. All building-related inspections
    2. Plumbing inspections
    3. Gas / mechanical inspections
    4. Fire / life safety inspections
  2. After obtaining your building permit from the City of Goodlettsville, you will then obtain your electrical permit from the State Electrical Inspector in Hendersonville.
  3. The City will not issue a certificate of occupancy until the State Electrical Inspector has completed his final inspection.


State Electrical Inspector
Phone: (615) 822-4440

Goodlettsville Codes and Building Safety
Phone: (615) 851-3741