Neighborhood Watch

What is a Neighborhood Watch program?

Neighborhood Watch is a citizen's involvement program where citizens, in cooperation with their local law enforcement agency, directly participate in the detection and prevention of crime. Citizens involved in Neighborhood Watch are trained in how to recognize suspicious or criminal activities and report these activities to their police department.

Neighborhood Watch works effectively at the block level because people can easily see, recognize, and cooperate. They can see what is taking place near their property and they recognize persons or even vehicles that do not belong in their neighborhood.

Goodlettsville currently has about 10 active Neighborhood Watch groups.

How to start a Neighborhood Watch program:

  • Discuss interest in organizing with neighbors in your area. You should obtain a map and clearly define the boundaries for your watch area. Distribute flyers or go door to door and let the people in your area have input on this project.
  • Plan your first neighborhood meeting. Contact the Goodlettsville Police Department and schedule a date when an officer can come speak to the group about the Neighborhood Watch.

Neighborhood Watch Liaison:
Commander Audra Cherry
105 S. Main Street
Goodlettsville, TN 37072

Home Security Checklist

Use this form as you check your home for safety measures - Home Security Checklist (PDF)