Park Watch

What is Park Watch?

Park Watch is an effective crime prevention program for community parks.

The goal of Park Watch is to prevent crime and vandalism through community involvement. Similar to Neighborhood Watch programs, Park Watch asks park patrons and nearby residents to simply keep an eye out while visiting the park.

The Park Watch program is an effort to report and prevent crime and vandalism to playground, park equipment and park facilities; to report suspicious activities in parks; to assist in the care and maintenance of our city parks by alerting officials of maintenance needs or other concerns, and to promote public awareness for parks and recreation activities.

How Can You be Involved?

As a resident or park patron, you are in a unique position to both enjoy and protect our parks. Although the City staff and Goodlettsville Police Department patrol the parks on a regular basis, they may not see everything you see. To participate in Park Watch, we simply ask you to report suspicious or illegal activity to the Police Department, and vandalism, maintenance or other issues by calling Goodlettsville Parks.

Your action of reporting allows law enforcement and the City to be proactive in addressing concerns. The benefits of doing your part will be evident by:

  • A reduction in negative incidents
  • A reduction in repair and restoration costs for facilities and equipment
  • Increased safety for children and park patrons
  • Increased community pride

Your Safety is Our Priority

Never put yourself or others at risk - DO NOT INTERCEDE!

Park Watch only asks people to be alert, observant and caring. Contact the appropriate agency so action may be taken by the authorities to address the problem.

How Do I Report What I See?

Please report activities as follows:

  • To report a fire, medical emergency, or a crime in progress, call 911
  • To report a suspicious person, vehicle or activity that concerns you, or to report a crime that has already been committed, call the Goodlettsville Police Department's non-emergency 615-859-3405
  • To report maintenance issues, equipment failure (such as lights not working), facility vandalism, broken or unsafe equipment, call Goodlettsville Parks at 615-851-3756. Provide the name of the park and provide a detailed description of the issue and where it is located within the park.
  • To report immediate maintenance issues (such as toilets overflowing) call 615-804-2311.

When calling 911 or the Goodlettsville Police Department's non-emergency number:

  • Stay on the line and answer any questions from the dispatcher
  • Provide as much detail about the activity, individuals or vehicles (license plate numbers) involved if they can be safely determined
  • Provide the name and address of the park you are calling from. Please provide a detailed description of where the problem is located within the park using landmarks such as "near the playground at Peay Park" or "on the north side of the soccer fields"