Independence Day Celebration

The City of Goodlettsville celebrates Independence Day on the 3rd of July in Moss-Wright Park. The event begins at 4:00pm and concludes after the fireworks display, which is scheduled to begin at 9:00pm.

A Kids Zone will be provided with inflatables, games, and fireman's foam. Wristbands are $10/person for the inflatables. Fireman's foam is free.  

We encourage families to bring a picnic blanket and chairs and enjoy food from one of our many vendors before the fireworks display begins. 

The event concludes with a spectacular fireworks display set to music.

Food Vendors: TBD


What to do:

  • Do have fun
  • Do bring picnic blankets and chairs 
  • Do bring water
  • Do bring a empty stomach for the food vendors
  • Do follow all parking guidelines and those directing parking

What NOT to do: 

  • Do NOT bring sparklers or fireworks
  • Do NOT bring alcohol or glass containers 
  • Do NOT go in marked off areas
  • Do NOT parked in areas other than those that are designated for parking
  • Pets are allowed, but strongly discouraged 
Independence Day2023
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