Codes & Building Safety/Fire Marshal's Office

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Issue building and sign permits and make required inspections
  • Inspect all buildings open to the public for compliance with the life safety and Fire Code
  • Enforce provisions of the Zoning Ordinance
  • Enforce various sections of the Municipal Code, as required, including the titles that relate to trash, litter, junk cars, and deteriorating buildings
  • Assign street numbers to lots and buildings as required

The City of Goodlettsville, per Ordinance 21-1011 and Ordinance 21-1012 adopted September 23, 2021, is currently enforcing 2018 International Building Codes and the 2018 International Fire Codes. (Exception - 2009 Energy Code, IEEC) with defined amendments.

Storm Shelter Registration

Don't get trapped in your storm shelter. Register with the City of Goodlettsville so we can find you! Register online here.

Political Sign Regulations

  • A sign cannot be larger than six (6) square feet.
  • No signs may be illuminated.
  • Signs must be placed on private property (property owners permission must be obtained), not on the public right of way.
  • Signs may not be portable, mounted on fences, in trees, on street signs, or public utility poles.
  • Signs can only be displayed up to ninety (90) days before the election date.
  • The signs must be removed within three (3) days after the election.

Any signs placed on the public right of way may be removed. This is provided for your information. If you have any questions, please call the Goodlettsville Codes Department (615) 851-3741.