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Posted on: February 5, 2021

Utility Billing - Summer Discount Service

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The City of Goodlettsville has just mailed Sewer bills which reflect water usage during DECEMBER.  Below is a reminder of our “Summer Discount Service”.

The City of Goodlettsville supports the Metro Water Services summer sewer discount for ALL (both Sumner and Davidson county GOODLETTSVILLE residents) of our residential customers and is in effect April 15 through November 15 (usage).  The program is defined as follows and can be found on the Metro Water Services webpage (link below) under “Assistance and Protection Programs”. 


Sewer charges are calculated based on the amount of water used under most circumstances.  An exception is made for residential customers during the period of April 15 through November 15 (usage), when water is used to sprinkle lawns or wash cars.  Since the water used for these purposes does not go into the sewer system, sewer service charges for residential bills are automatically adjusted during these months to reflect a “sprinkler credit.”  The winter quarter average (January, February, and March) plus 30 percent will be the maximum sewer charges billed.  Obviously, if the actual usage is less than this average calculation, the actual will be used.

DEC 15-MAR 15 - Actual Winter Usage Months (sewer discount OFF - billed for true consumption)

APR 15-NOV 15 - Summer Discount Months (sewer discount ON - billed for winter average consumption + 30%)  *Friendly tip-Fill your pools after April 15 to take advantage of the summer discount*

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