What is the stormwater drainage system and why is there a fee?

The stormwater drainage system collects, conveys, stores or otherwise affects stormwater or surface water. It can include a network of underground pipes, drainage ditches, culverts, and open channels designed for flood or drainage control which discharge to a receiving water body. The runoff contained within this system is not treated, so anything it picks up goes directly into the stream.

To maintain the stormwater drainage system all parcels within the corporate City limits are charged a stormwater user fee, excluding public streets. The fee is based on the classifications within the stormwater utility ordinance and billed to the resident's or business' existing utility bill.

The City of Goodlettsville's stormwater user fee is the result of an unfunded mandate from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) on stormwater discharges. This fee is used to finance annual compliance with this mandate.

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1. What is the stormwater drainage system and why is there a fee?
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