Do I need a permit to put up a fence?

A permit is not required from the Building Department, but you may call to inquire on set-back and height requirements at 615-851-3741.

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1. Where is the Goodlettsville Building and Codes Department located?
2. How do I obtain a building permit?
3. Where can I find the permitting and permit bond application forms?
4. Is the plan review of building projects done in-house?
5. What building codes does the City of Goodlettsville follow?
6. If a contractor is applying for a permit, what is required to obtain the permit?
7. What are the fees for permits?
8. Are any approvals, other than your department, needed prior to building permit issuance?
9. How long is a permit valid once it is issued?
10. Is the check for permits payable to the City of Goodlettsville?
11. Do I need a permit for an above ground swimming pool/in-ground swimming pool?
12. Do I need a permit to put up a fence?
13. What are the requirements for adding a storage building/carport/garage/deck to my property?
14. What hours can I work (construction) on building projects in the City of Goodlettsville?
15. Do I need a permit to open a NEW business that will have no construction?
16. What are the required inspections for NEW residential permits?
17. What other type of permits are required other than NEW residential and commercial and are issued in the Building/Codes office?
18. How do I report a property maintenance issue?
19. Can I report a yard/grass that is too high?
20. How do I determine tree owner's right and responsibilities?
21. Can I have farm animals (chickens) in the City Limits of Goodlettsville?
22. Is parking on the grass a violation of city code?
23. Does the City of Goodlettsville have an animal control department?
24. What edition of the Fire Code is the City currently under?
25. How do I schedule an annual fire inspection for my business?