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Rental Cancellation/Change Request Form

  1. Request to cancel your park shelter or facility and receive any eligible refund or propose a new date to change your rental date and time.
  2. Location of Rental*
  3. Are you requesting a Cancellation or Date/Time Change?*
  4. Administrative Fee*
    A $10 administrative fee will be deducted from all eligible refunds.
  5. If cancelling rental, please provide a reason. If you are not cancelling and just wish to change, please put N/A above.
  6. If you wish to change your date/time, please provide a new date and/or time for staff to consider. Newly proposed dates are not guaranteed, and are subject to availability.
  7. Rental Cancellation Policies
    Cancellation requests are subject to review and are not guaranteed. All refunds and change requests are subject to Goodlettsville Parks & Recreation's Refund Policies.
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