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Application for Utility Service


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  • Step One

    1. **Before applying for Utility Service, you must sign up for water. Depending on where you live, you will need to contact Madison Suburban Utility District, White House Utility District, or Metro Water.
    2. Name(s) of person(s) to bill
      If applying for a business, split business name between both fields if applicable. Ex. First Name: CITY OF Last Name: GOODLETTSVILLE
    3. Service Address
    4. Mailing Address
    5. Please check the appropriate boxes. *
    6. Utility billing fees
    7. If you rent, you MUST submit a rental/lease agreement.
    8. Each residence should have one blue trash container and one tan recycle container. If you do not currently have containers at your residence, please indicate below which containers need to be delivered.
    9. Containers*
    10. Please check how you would like to receive your bill:*