Hot Spot Inspection Form

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Ordinance 10-738, adds paragraph 18-311(6) to Title 18, Chapter 3 of the Goodlettsville Municipal Code (Ordinance 04-651) and states: "The administrator is authorized to regulate hot spots ("priority areas"). Upon written notification by the administrator, the property owner or designated facility manager of a hot spot area shall, at their expense, implement necessary controls and/or best management practices to prevent discharge of contaminated stormwater to the municipal separate storm sewer system. The administrator may require that the facility maintain inspection logs or other records to document compliance with this paragraph."

Once a facility has been deemed a priority area, the administrator requires self-inspections of the facility. These inspections are due each year, on the following dates: end of April, August, and December.

To request assistance with completion of this form or to have a representative visit the facility, call (615) 851-3469.
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